Good design is a passion of mine and yes I’m one of those geeks who search for hours to find the right font! Here are some of my recent creations. You should also check out my websites page.

Pro-EU Groups and Pages

As part of the Project Hope initiative with Dr Mike Galsworthy, I designed the logos for dozens of pro-EU groups and Facebook pages 

Pro-EU Memes

I’ve created a load of memes over the last few years. Some of these were requested by other pro-EU campaigners, others I put together for my own amusement / one-man propaganda campaign.

Anti-Brexit Party Memes were responsible for some of the most grotesquely misleading material in the run-up to the 2016 Brexit Frauderendum, and were big backers of Farage’s Brexit party. I didn’t have the millions to throw at a massive information campaign to counteract their disinformation about the EU, but I tried my best.

Banners, Flags and Placards

Whenever there was a pro-EU event, I would be there waving something about.

Anti-Corbyn Stuff

There’s only one person I hate more than Trump, Johnson & Farage put together, and it’s the guy who no doubt will be getting a knighthood for services to the Tory party sometime soon: Jeremy “Privately Educated Halfwit” Corbyn.

Just imagine if he had simply stood down when his opinion polling was hovering around minus 50% (in comparison, Trump’s opinion polls are around -10%). Starmer would be PM, we would still be in the EU and tens of thousands of people would not have died with Covid-19 because known eugenicist Dominic Cummings would be nowhere near the levers of power.

But instead the man with a MINUS FIFTY approval rating chose to ask the people what we thought of him.

The Tories now have 163 more MPs than Labour.

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