Graham Hughes's #PUBCAST

Beginning life as the now-legendary “Three Blokes In The Pub” series, Graham Hughes’s #PUBCAST is an ongoing series in which we discuss political matters down the boozer… because Britain is sick of experts (apparently) and only listens to the bloke in the pub.


A series of video monologues which usually revolve around a theme you might find familiar… that of how utterly, mindbogglingly stupid Brexit is!


Every time a prominent Remainer took on a prominent Leaver, the same thing happened: the Leaver was left with egg all over their stupid face. Don’t believe me? Just watch:


Having not gone to private school, it’s surprisingly difficult to get on television or the radio. I think there’s a secret password or handshake that you have to know. But every now and again, us plebs are permitted a few minutes to do the job the opposition seems utterly incapable of doing.


Would you like me to come on your show and try to talk some common sense into people? It would be a revelation, I promise you. Get in touch!

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