If being a jack of all trades is better than being a master of one, you can call me Jacky Jack Jack. Not only do I travel, present, film, edit, write and design, I also make websites. Like this one you’re reading! Here’s my portfolio.


My Graham David Hughes site is the nerve centre of my web empire.

It’s where I post my latest news and information about my life’s work as an adventurer, writer, filmmaker and presenter. 

It’s also features information about how to get involved with my latest project, whatever that might be.


The Odyssey Expedition ran from January 2009 to January 2013 and told the incredible story of my journey to every country in the world without flying, over the course of 700 individual blog entries.

This website forms the basis of my Odyssey Expedition Trilogy of books: Man of the World, Top of the World and End of the World.


Jinja Island is my Caribbean getaway that I won on an American survival show called SOS Island. It is a 2.2 acre mangrove island in Panama’s Bocas Del Toro archipelago. I lived there between 2014 and 2017, off grid, solar power, rainwater collection. My home was open for CouchSurfers and AirBnBers to come and stay.

The Jinja Island website was my blog during those years and is now a showcase of the island’s unique features as I look for an investor or buyer who can turn it into the eco-retreat of my dreams.


Global Scouse Day is a celebration of the city of Liverpool held every year on February 28th.  As it started in the kitchen of my flat in Orrell Park, I try to promote it as much as possible, even though it really has taken on a life of its own these past few years!

This is the website I created for people looking for recipes, venues serving scouse on the day and what events are going on around the city.


Cirque de Résistance was a website I created with Paul Somerville for Manchester For Europe’s protest march and rally against Brexit during the Conservative party conference in September 2019. It featured its own bespoke fundraising page, which allowed users to donate via PayPal or credit cards and for their donation to automatically update our totaliser, cutting out the need for us to create a GoFundMe site or similar.

Want A Website Building?

Get in touch. I’m very good at this kind of thing.

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